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Top 10 Reasons to choose Hosted VoIP instead of an on-site phone system

  1. Cost: Phone system as a service - only pay for the service you need, when you need it
  2. Space: If you’re a small company, do you have the space to store an extra server?
  3. Time: 5 minute setup
  4. Staff: Can you afford to hire an IT professional or contract a third party phone vendor?  Wouldn’t you rather simply call our Customer Support?
  5. Upgrading: What are you going to do with all the equipment when it inevitably becomes obsolete?  With CBV, upgrades are seamless.  (You may not even be aware when they occur.  You're simply free to continue working!)
  6. Scalability: Business is good, scale up; unfortunate bump, scale it right back down
  7. Green: Shared platform - like any cloud based service, the servers are shared
  8. Accessibility: Your phone system is accessible from anywhere with high speed internet - simply plug in your Cisco IP phone.
  9. Reliability: Our phone servers are housed in a secure data-center, the same data-center that houses Google’s servers.  Where are your servers located?
  10. Customizable: Any small adjustments are easy because CBV will do this for you.

      Old Way                                                  New Way!

  • Avoid the headache of dealing with the local phone monopoly
  • Avoid having to purchase a phone system and a 3rd party to installation, maintain, and manage it
  • Connect remote employees
  • Bundle is better:  Phone System, Phone Lines, Free Calling, and Fax to the desktop!


  • If you're not happy with the installation, we offer a 100% full refund--no questions asked.
  • If your customer experience with us isn't better than any phone company you've ever had, we'll refund the money you paid us.
  • If we fail to deliver on any of these promises, we'll switch you back to your old provider free.