Plan Options


Hosted IP PBX

Managed IP PBX

Do it yourself

Broadband VoIP


An outsourced

VoIP System


A premise based

VoIP system


Premise based VoIP system managed by SMB



An outsourced VoIP system over broadband internet connection





no upfront capital expenditures or maintenance costs; IP PBX resides offsite and managed by service provider


PBX housed onsite but managed remotely by service provider

complete control over system management, maintenance and support

Predictable monthly expense; easy to implement and begin using



lack of control; reliance on service provider for maintenance and support

IP PBX resides onsite and is susceptible to power outages or natural disasters

expensive upfront implementation costs and recurring support costs

potential quality of service issues


We provide a Broadband VoIP solution ideal for small business.






"hosted"- equipment located at providers facility and not in the customer's closet


"IP PBX"- next generation phone system house or managed by customer or provider


"Broadband"- internet access, i.e. DSL, Cable Modem, T1