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If the Internet is down - Don't worry, your business can still make and receive calls.

1. Emergency forward to number - CBV will ask for an emergency number during the implementation phase. If your service is being interrupted we can have the system automatically forward all your calls to the emergency number.

2. Find Me Follow Me - Calls can be automatically routed or forwarded to any cell phone. This can be set up via our web based portal. If the rule has not been added and you don’t have access to the internet our help desk can make the change for you.

3. Portable User End Point (Phone)
- Your IP phone is like a laptop. Unplug the phone and go to the nearest location that has internet access. Plug in the phone, and you will begin to immediately make and receive calls.

Click here to download the Get Connected with CBV document

CBV customers are welcome to call us anytime but the fastest and easiest way to receive support is to fill out the quick support web form.

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