How Your Small Business Can Save $1000 - $5000

Per Year in Voice Communications Costs. 

Gain access to an extensive carrier grade network powered by Cisco Systems for as little as $2/day with Chicago Business VOIP. Once you become a CBV customer, the phone service transition is quick and painless. Simply plug our Cisco phone into your existing high speed Internet. Your phone will access the Internet just as any computer would. Our network will intelligently route your calls. No technician required! All you have to do is dial.

We can setup new service in 7 days or you can keep your existing phone and fax numbers. We will take care of the number transfer for you. 


Your company is in a bind.  Most customers no longer have the time or the staffing to investigate, evaluate, test and implement new technologies. Furthermore, most advanced IP Communication solutions are geared towards mid and large businesses, not small firms with 1-7 employees.


Smart business owners are addressing this problem by replacing old antiquated technology POTS/Analog lines with advanced IP communication services.  Business owners are coming to realize that they do in fact have options outside of calling the local telephone company who will send out a technician to install telephone phone line(s) for your phone and fax.  These lines incur excessive per minute usage charges (for Bands A, B, and C) if you live in Illinois, as well as very high tax rates no matter what state your business resides in.


So where does the small business owner turn?  If you are like most small business owners you don’t have enough time in the day to do all of the things that your customers are requiring from you.  That is where we can help.  We provide advanced IP Communications services that will save you time and money.  Our solution runs on equipment from industry leader Cisco Systems.  Our IP Phone solution allows you to 1) avoid the hassle of purchasing a phone system and hiring a technician to come out and install it and 2) avoid having to call your local telephone provider to order phone and fax lines for your business.


We’ve made sure that our service positively impacts our end customer’s operations.  We are not interested in selling “me, too” products or even products that are “slightly better”.   We know that what we offer has to achieve at least one of the things important to customers:


·         A reduction in the cost of the communications services


·         An increase in productivity


·         An improvement in customer satisfaction (your company image)



I’m confident that we’ve done that with our outsourced IP Phone System delivered over equipment from Cisco Systems – the worldwide leader in IP Communications.



Let’s look at one aspect and illustrate how, together, we can save your company $3,000 or more per year in the operation of your phone system and phone lines:



The process of calling your local telephone company and procuring plain old telephone lines and choosing a phone system is cost prohibitive.  Here are some pretty startling numbers that are likely true over the life of the contract with an incumbent service provider:


  • Telecom usage taxes will increase the cost of your phone bill by 28% per month.


  • The cost of per minute usage for Band A, B, C traffic will average .09 per minute.


  • The upfront cost of the phone system will exceed $1,500.


  • Labor to install the phone system and or/phone lines will exceed $1000.00


  • Paper, toner, etc for fax machines will exceed $500.00 per year



The Cisco IP Phone Service can cut 40% or more of the per minute usage fee for local and long distance, 100% of the cost of paper, toner, etc., 50 % or more of the phone system installation and maintenance.  Doing some quick math, our typical customer can easily save over $3,000 per year over the life of the contract.  If you factor in the additional savings by tying in remote employees or offices, the savings can easily exceed $5,000 per year.


That’s dramatic.  That’s different.  That’s provable.


But, the technical part of how we are able to accomplish these hard cost savings is only half the story.  The advanced features your business will receive far outweigh any cost savings, both hard and soft saving.  Features such as find me follow me allow you to be accessible 24x7.  You control which calls you want to receive and when.  Virtual fax allows you to send and receive faxes from any web browser.  Auto Attendant provides your firm with a state of the art greeting, improving your company image to the outside world.  Add a Toll Free number with Auto Attendant to provide an easy and professional way for your clients to contact you.  Live View allows you to see who is on the Cisco IP phone real time, regardless of their location.  And Call Recording allows you to record calls real time with listen in capability for training purposes.


All of these features are software upgrades with no equipment to purchase, maintain, or manage.


We are introducing you to a different way to procure communication services, at the same time lowering our cost and improving your operations. My guess is that if you’ve read this far, you agree that subscribing to the services offered by the local phone company provides no benefit to your business and you are the kind of business owner that needs the products we are introducing and are interested in the kind of sales and implementation that we are offering.



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