How do I use my phone?

There are two way to learn how to use your Cisco IP Phone:

  • Download the User Guide as .pdf here,
  • Or, visit the online, interactive tutorial here.


Can I keep my existing phone/fax number?
Yes. You will sign a letter of agency with CBV giving us permission to port (transfer) your phone and/or fax numbers from your existing provider to CBV. You will not experience any downtime.

Where does Chicago Business VOIP provide service?
CBV provides service throughout the US. All you need is a high speed Internet connection to use CBV.

How much does your service cost?
Contact Us for a free consultation and customized quote.

Does your service work better over DSL or Cable Modem?
VoIP works well over both DSL and Cable Modem Internet Access. Just plug in our powerful Cisco business phone to start receiving crystal clear service. We guarantee our service and you can cancel at anytime for any reason.

How is the call quality of your VoIP service?
VoIP call quality is as good as your traditional phone system. Once you switch over you won't even notice a difference. The only difference you'll notice is when you start receiving your phone bills and see lower costs.

Can I get a "good" phone number?
Getting an easy to remember phone number is never guaranteed but since setting up business phone systems is our specialty, we are pros at getting quality numbers. Talk to a phone specialist at 1-866-505-4353 to discuss options.

What phones do you support with your service?
You will not be able to use a traditional phone. We will provide you with a Cisco IP business phone with your service. See our Products page for more information or call a specialist at 1-866-505-4353.

How does VoIP save me money?
VoIP saves you money because you no longer pay for per minute usage. Plus, you no longer have to pay the high fees and government taxes that come with using a traditional phone line. You will also save the money of buying a new phone since we provide you with one.

What do I need to get started?
All you need is high speed Internet. We will supply you the Cisco business phone so you don't even need to own a phone. If you don't have internet service, we will be happy to suggest some options for you.

What features are included with your service?
Chicago Business VoIP provides many features including voicemail, voicemail to email, call forwarding, intercom, conferencing, 4 digit dial, distinctive rings and includes FREE phone system upgrades, maintenance, installation and training. Click here to see all of the included features.

Can I use a softphone with the CBV phone service?
Yes, please contact us at info@chicagobusinessvoip.com for details.

Can I make and receive calls if my internet is down?
Yes. Calls will be automatically forwarded to a cell number or another land number in case your internet goes down. Since we are hosting the phone system for you, if the internet is down calls will still go to voice mail. The voice mail system will also call your cell phone to alert you of messages. Lastly, voice mail attachments will also be sent to your blackberry or Iphone as a wave file. If you don't have a number to forward calls, we will monitor your calls until your internet service is working.

What if I need to call 911?
We register all of our customers with E911. Once called, your telephone number and registered address are shown to local emergency centers. It's important that you have updated address information and call back number listed on your phone account. CBV is not responsible for updating your address.

Have another question?
Call a phone service specialist at
1-866-505-4353 and they'll be happy to answer any questions.


  • If the phone ever breaks, we'll fix it free.
  • If you're not happy with the installation, we offer a 100% full refund--no questions asked.
  • If your customer experience with us isn't better than any phone company you've ever had, we'll refund the money you paid us.
  • If we fail to deliver on any of these promises, we'll switch you back to your old provider free.